The unnamed creature shown on the front cover of MicroGroup Game Review volume 14.

The unnamed creature, possibly named "Nekontop" (ネコントップ Nekontoppu), was shown on the front cover of volume 14 of the MicroGroup Game Review magazine in 1997, along with an unused turtle Pokémon, an altered Tyranitar and unreleased Trainers. This Pokémon appears with traits of Hitmontop and is shaped like a star.

In an excerpt from a document (p. 53) (possibly the same issue of MicroGroup Game Review)[citation needed] there is a cover artist interview with Ken Sugimori. The designs are also displayed on the excerpt, implying that Ken Sugimori illustrated them.

Similarly to Hitmontop, the unnamed creature has multiple feet around the middle section of its body and is based on a spinning top, however it has a point located on its bottom, while Hitmontop has a point located on its head. This Pokémon also has a spherical "bump" on top of its head and the face of a Pokémon like Clefairy with the same pink color scheme.

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