Marill's design has undergone at least two changes in its development. In the Nintendo Spaceworld 1997 demo, it was one of the Pokémon found west of Silent Hills. [1]

Pink MarillEdit

Alpha Marill

The early artwork for Marill

Early artwork for Marill (マリル Mariru) depicted it at the time as a pink Pokémon rather than the final blue version of Marill. Other differences between the final and this concept art of Marill are the omission of its large ears, a thinner body and the lack of Marill's zig-zag tail pattern.

Green MarillEdit

Green Marill

Green Marill

Movie footage from Nintendo Space World 1999 (not to be confused with Spaceworld '97) used a green sprite for Marill rather than blue.

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  • Marill, was a popular Pokégod prior to the release of Pokémon Gold and Silver used under the misnomer of Pikablu. The misnomer "Pikablu" was even used in unofficial Pokémon media.
    • The Pikachu's Vacation cards from the Topp's Pokémon the First Movie Trading Cards used to refer to Marill as Pikablu and Snubbull as Buru in the Topp's Blue Edition. This was corrected in the Topp's Black Edition, although Snubbull was erroneously spelled "Snubble".


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