Ledyba Silver Title Cutscene Concept

The title screen cutscene artwork, showing an different version of Ledyba (bottom-left)

Early artwork of Ledyba (レディバ Rediba) depicts it with a black colored abdomen instead of a cream colored body as in the final game. It appears here with a single pair of hands and a single pair of feet unlike the multiple pair of arms/legs which Ledyba has in the final game and it also appears to be missing its head, because its eyes are attached to its 'body'.

The origin of this artwork is disputed; it was shown with early artwork of Silver and the title screen introduction in Pokémon Gold and Silver, where plans were supposedly made to have the title screen introduction be an interactive minigame. A translation of the second passage is "Ledyba, I think it looked something like this. But I’m really terrified of ladybugs the most…" [1]

Ledyba was also one of the Pokémon found to the west of Silent Hills in the Nintendo Spaceworld 1997 demo, although it is not known whether its design was any different from the final. [2]


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