Kage no Mushi

The mysterious Pokémon design

Kage no Mushi (カゲのムシ), or possibly Parasort, is the name of another evolved form of Paras revealed prior to the release of Pokémon Gold and Silver. It barely has a resemblance to both Nincada and Sewaddle. Further details surrounding this Pokémon are unknown.

Artwork of this Pokémon was supposedly found in a Japanese web archive, where the image was given the filename "Kage no Mushi". [1] It is not known whether "Kage no Mushi" was Game Freak's name of the creature or not. The artwork is notably in the style of other second generation prototype Pokémon such as Honōguma.


Parasort literally comes for the words "parasite" and "assort". The kanji for this Pokémon's name, which is written like this: 影の虫,  has the same pronounciation, but a different name of an enemy from the Zelda series.


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  • Kage no Mushi was a popular Pokégod at the time.