Artwork of Happa

Happa (ハッパ) is a prototype design for Chikorita which was revealed prior to the release of Pokémon Gold and Silver.

In the Nintendo Space World 1997 demo of Pocket Monsters 2, Happa was available as a starter Pokémon replacing Chikorita. Happa was a grass type Pokémon and was No. 252, like Chikorita. It was randomly assigned at level 8 and knew the moves Tackle, "Serene" and Leech Seed. The player also had a chance of receiving Honōguma or Kurusu. Happa appears close to the final design of Chikorita, without its body and legs and it also has ears when Chikorita does not. It is also wearing orange beads instead of green beads, similar to its shiny Pokémon design.


Happa's name literally means "leaf" in Japanese.

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